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West County Hawk Watch


Dilute Bald Eagle

West County HawkWatch Citizen Scientist Group 

West County Hawkwatch (WCHW) is a regional group of interpretive specialist's and photographers focused on raptor identification and birds of prey natural history. Passionate about nature, hawks, conservation and wildlife, most members have been studying and working with nature their whole life, specializing in raptors for two decades.


Our goal is to get people out into the field and see these magnificent Birds of Prey going about their daily business. With a informative and engaging atmosphere we can share the excitement Raptors bring and understand some of their intriguing behaviors. We can learn how to identify them through some basic identification traits as well as some more advanced observations. Understanding what types of habitat they need to succeed and thrive, thus a better understanding of land use, protection and potential hazards. Birds of Prey act as an Environmental Barometer, when something is wrong with them, something is wrong with the environment, and we need to take action. Come out and learn with us, we have fun, see lots of wildlife on our tours, hikes and walks. We also offer several classroom workshops every year to help learn identification and natural history. 


Schedule of Events

Sun Jan 8, 2023

Lynch Canyon 
Open Space

Solano Land Trust

Overwintering Raptor Tour

Sat Feb 11, 2023

Lynch Canyon
Open Space

SFBay Flyway Festival 

Overwintering Raptor Tour

Sat Jan 14, 2023

Sears Point wetlands aka Baylands/Dickson ranch

Madrone Audubon

Overwintering Raptor Tour

Sun Feb 12, 2023

Sears Point wetlands aka Baylands/Dickson ranch

SFBay Flyway Festival 

Overwintering Raptor Tour

Mon Jan 16, 2023

North Bay Area Raptor  Identification workshop

Madrone Audubon

via Zoom 

Sat Mar 25, 2023

Rush Ranch 
Raptor ID workshop

Solano Land Trust

Overwintering Raptor Tour 


Photo Gallery

Raptors seen on past hikes, events, and counts.

To view more photos from our events, click the links below.


Donations Help Us Soar

Funds help with:

#1 our Books for Kids program,

#2 Optics for guests (loaner Binoculars & Scope)

#3 docent training materials (optics, books & files)

and #4 maintenance /cost of webpages and media public outreach programs.


We thank you very much for considering to help, we lost 5 pairs of binoculars, 100 books and decades of materials in the recent Tubbs Fire.

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